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      We have been providing professional photography services for quite some time now and now clients are demanding a lot to cover their events as well. 

      I normally shoot with 5D Mark II and Mark III all the time. 


      And for videography, Im thinking to buy a tripod, monopod, 2 extra 32GB CF cards and a new 5D Mark III . 


      I have no idea about camcorders available which is better than 5D mark III within the 4000 USD range. 


      So, can someone help me with it ?



      My main requirements :


      Full HD recording, 1920x1080p

      16:9 recording

      29 or 30fps

      Good storage and long shooting time

      Good focal range and aperture atleast should be wider till f2.8 . 



      Pros with 5D Mark III setup :


      I can simply buy a Canon 16-35mm f2.8 lens and attach to 5D Mark III , so I can get aperture wider till 2.8 . 



      Cons with 5D Mark III setup :


      But a lot of CF cards , sandisk extreme pro cards are priced crazy high.  For a 2-3 hours event, I will end up buying around 5-10 cards, which would be around more 3000 USD, which is impossible now. 




      So, what brand and make model, would you suggest, now that you know my requirements ?


      Budget : 4000 USD. Im based in India.




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      Hi soamz – welcome to the world of video!  One other con for the 5D Mk III that you my want to consider is that it is limited to 30 minutes of continuous video.  The camera shuts off and has to be restarted.  This can be a real problem for event shooters.


      I would recommend a large sensor, interchangeable lens camcorder to give you the "cinematic" depth of field control you have with your photography.  A camcorder has no recording time limit.


      In your price range, for event shooters, I recommend the Sony NEX-EA50 shoulder mount camera.  It uses SDHC/SDXC cards, which are less expensive than CF, it records in 16:9 full HD, 24fps, 25fps, 30fps and 60fps.  It is also a worldwide 50Hz/60Hz camera.


      The Sony NEX-EA50 is $3599 in the States at Amazon, Adorama, and eBay.  Adorama ships internationally and the eBay seller says he will ship worldwide as well.


      Here is what this camera can do:


      (Please watch in 1080p)



      Hope this is helpful, and good luck with your decision!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution



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