Suggest Easy Eidting Software

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I used to have a stand alone editor by Macrosystems, but it it broke and the company didn't support it.  So I used Windows Movie Maker, but when Windows shut down XP I lost Movie Maker (as well as every other software program I owned).   That pretty much ended my video hobby.  That was back in 2014.  I'd like to try editing video again but I'm having trouble finding software programs that don't require semesters in college to learn.  I went to Wondershare Filmora and downloaded the free trial version but when I try to open it, I got text saying the software is already on my computer and askes if I want to overwrite it.  Then I went to the Wondershare website but it is not possible to ask questions or contact anyone (They are a Chinese company).  So I found a video tutorial on it,  but the tutorial assumes the viewer already knows a lot about the program.  Can anybody suggest a basic, easy, not complicated editing software program that can be understood by a person who is not a professional editor or a Microsoft engineer?  A program that downloads correctly and will open on my computer (which runs Windows 10).  Possibly even with real customer support by real people?     Any help will be appreciated, and thank you!

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MovieMaker was still available up to 6-7 months ago wrapped in Windows Essentials, which is now no longer available - from a trustworthy site. Go to YouTube search "Free Editing Software 2017 or 2018." VSDC is free, $20.00 buys you Pro-version for one year, with support. It does have a bit of a learning curve. If you like MovieMaker, which is a "simple" Linear Editor, then "Google" or YouTube for a Linear Video Editor. Good luck.

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ChinoD: Surprised to read your comments re Macrosystems U.S. I have been using Casablanca Editors for 19 yrs with virtually no problems at all. I am currently using a Casablanca SL 1000 on the Bogart System. This is a stand alone unit. You mentioned you have a Windows 10 PC? Casablanca now has a Windows based system called B4W ( Bogart  for Windows ) whereby Casablanca now works in conjunction with computers. Why not give Casablanca a second chance? If you want to persue further, Google CASABLANCA EXPERT ( Chet Davis ) you will find there is a LOT of FREE info to do with the Casablanca System. Should you see what you like, or interests you, you can take it further by paying for membership to Chets ( Casablanca ) Site ( his prices are vbery reasonable ) and get loads and loads and loads of  ''Tips & Tricks'' to further your editing. Just saying is all.

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I agree with Mike Darwood (above.) Although I haven't used Casablanca in many years I always found it to be an excellent family of devices for basic editing and, from what I understand, it has kept up with changes in the editing world and is a sophisticated modern device, running under Windows 10. Chet Davis is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

An alternative would be Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10.5, a complete editing suite aimed at the consumer market. You might also take a look at Magix  consumer products although I can't vouch for these.

As for customer support, don't expect much. Software products are sold "as is" and the expectation is that you will figure out how to use them on your own. YouTube is a very useful source of information about many products, with extensive on-line tutorials by users, and quite a few software programs have thriving forum support groups like the one you're on now. If you can't find a forum check the Creative Cow web site.

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Apparently, Macrosystems ( the maker of Casablanca ) biggest customer's are schools, probably due to the easy use of the editing system. I had a problem initially using a Casablanca, I thought the system was too difficult, but when I read that schools favoured Casablanca for children to edit on for school projects, I knew I just had to persevere. Now, I wouldnt even think of using another editing system. As somebody mentioned, there are PLENTY of film clips on Youtube demonstrating the Casablanca Editor. Chet Davis ( the Casablanca Expert ) and a guy called Joel Brooks ( Moments In Time Films ) are just two of the people there demonstrating the Casablanca Editor. I also at this point want to say, even though I sound like a Casablanca Dealer, whos trying to promote his product, I am NOT anything to do with Casablanca at ALL, nor Macrosystems U.S. I am just an amateur film maker who uses the Casablanca Editing system.