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      I have been working with Vegas since it originally came out, and have never had problems until recently.  Stuttering, freezups, not responding etc. . .


      Windows Vista, 64 ultimate (Never had a problem with vista), i7 920 2.67 Pentium, EVGA 9800 graphics card with 1mb ram, 12 gb machine ram.  This machine normally runs, edits and renders in near real-time.


      Went to do a quick edit a couple of weeks ago and all of a sudden Vegas Pro 8.1 was responding like back in the old days of on-board graphics glitches,  Slow to load, took the captures forever to load into the media center, two video layers, stuttering, playback preview jerky and freezing up, playback stutters and freezes up after only a few seconds, catches up, then freezes again, controls freeze up for a while.  It acts like there's no memory, underpowered cpu and a bad graphics card.


      I finally did a clean install of my OS, renewed all of my drivers and skinned down the machine to only necessary software.  OS is on the main drive, and captures and projects on a second drive.  Drives are all 1 tb 7200rpm, sata. 


      I ran a benchmark on the computer and my old EVGA 9500 graphics card rated lower than my older 7950 card.  Purchased and installed a new EVGA 9800 card today, and I continue to have the same issues.


      I AM EXASPERATED!!  I'm looking for ideas. 

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      Bad Graphics Card.  Compounded by the fact that after I replaced the card, I continued to try and use the DV that I had downloaded with the bad card.  Recaptured the video and everything cleared up.

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