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      Hey everybody!
      I haven’t been on the forums in a while(I don’t even live in Colorado anymore!), but it’s good to be back!

      When I originally got on this forum, I was starting out making home movies as a teenager, but later found my niche in corp. video and have now made thousands of dollars producing short (2-5 min) online advertising/demo videos for various local businesses.

      I think it’s time to give back. I’m working on a training course in both print and audio formats that will explain what I know about making corp. demos in the trenches, how to make money, how to have fun, how to have as little stress as possible.

      Here’s the list of things I’m including in the course:

      basic video production how-to: picking a camera/computer/software
      learning any software program in 10 days
      making quality corp. videos (focus on audio/music, sharp editing and graphics; quality talent)
      building your own website easily, quickly and cheaply

      getting your first video gigs
      secrets to increase income and decrease expenses
      auditioning pro talent, hiring crew, finding locations
      financial statements and the basics of how money works(how rich people think)

      cheap ways to get copywriting/direct response marketing skills (for scriptwriting, designing your website)
      communicating your idea to the client:
      scripts, treatments and storyboarding

      Is there anything anyone can think of that I’m missing, anything you’ve heard would be necessary to know that I forgot, or anything that’s important in your industry that I should consider including in the course?
      Thanks in advance! Chris

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