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      I'm creating a presentation and I need to add some text at the bottom of the video.

      I know how to show the text as you can see watching subtitled movies, but what I need for this presentation is something a bit more elaborated.

      I want to show the text on a colored strip making it appear with some effects.

      In example, a strip with the text written on it which unrolls from the left to the right like a carpet.

      Of course this is only an example to explain which kind of effect I'm looking for.

      Do you know any software which has some preset animations like that for text?

      I've seen that Windows Movie Maker has some, but almost all of them are too invasive covering a big part of the screen.

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      Since this is for a presentation you are making I don't think you need more than 30 days


      Download Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for a free trial.


      It has a titling that does many things.   I have't used it enough to know if it will do the unrolling bit.


      But if not you can create that as a video and put it on your primary video.


      I will have to check later as I am watching golf now.


      There may be other software that can create that kind of animation for you.  Do a google search using various terms.  Tha'ts whaat I do when trying to find something specific.


      That's a start.  You want to do something kinda sophisticated even if it sounds simple.


      Hopefully others will comment who know more than I.



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      Is this the kind of thing you were looking to do.



      I took a long while figuring out. let me know.


      Ask any questions


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      Thank you Barry for your time.

      I was looking for something a bit more sophisticated, but your idea to put together some graphic elements and the text to animate separately as I need could be helpful.


      I'll try to see what I can do with your suggestion.


      Since I'm only a beginner with video editing I was looking for a software with some preset effects, but I couldn't find anything searching with Google, the only one was Windows Live Movie Maker 2012 as I wrote, but it has only one effect which stays at the bottom part of the screen and doesn't cover almost all of the movie's area.


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      My effect was not sophisticated. As I was just checking to see if that was something similar to what you want.


      You mentioned the text rolling across on a bar, so I did a simple version of that. I can get fancier.


      Also premier pro is pretty easy if you only have a couple of things to do.  It just has the capablities of doing more. But it is not hard to operate.


      There are companies that make simple editing programs,   sony, pinnacle, there is one called wondershare that does much of the work for you,


      I found titling software.  But it was all 3D stuff.   I had trouble figuring out some of it.




      The one I did figure out would crash whenever I tried to export what I created and I have a fancy computer so who knows.

      While I worked on researching and downloading I finally found the answer which was very simple to do.

      If you haven't found something as I cant download and test all the simple editing software


      Would you like me to do a fancier version of the text and background scrolling across?


      are there other ideas you have or were hoping to find presets that would give you things to choose from?


      after that I can do a creen record eplaining how to do it.


      Just giving you an option if you get frustrated in your search



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      I found the software that ha presets for animating text.


      Adobe After Effects


      It has many presets for animating Text.

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