Studio Paint color for Green Screen setup?

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      I am setting up a Green Screen in my studio.  The angled walls are white(cant change that) and the other straight walls are builder beige. It is in an upper level long room. Should I paint these walls a different color so I do not get issues with color spill/reflection from the Green Screen? New at GS in my home studio, but the TV studio I worked at had white walls next to the GS walls. I was thinking of painting them a grey. I edit there too. Also, there is a window behind the GS I will be setting up, since it is a portable GS. Does it have to be completely blacked out?


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      My room sounds similar and I wouldn't paint it green. When I green screen I crop the finished footage as close as I can to the talent so I don`t really need the extra width. I also have a window behind my green screen. Before setting up my green screen I lower the blind, close the curtain, drap a doubled over black bed sheet (yes, they make black sheets!) (baaa) and then I don`t get like through.

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      Thanks! OK, Ill try that for the window. I just was not sure about the light from the window being an issue. As far as the paint, I was thinking of grey since it is now tan. I have a portable fabric GS im using. I was curoius to see if the lights would bounce off the tan/white walls around the rest of the room vs having them painted darker.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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