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      Hi, I'm stuck. Been trying with Premiere and I fear that any editing programs will let me down.

      I have millions (literally) of jpgs that needs to be assembled (3fr each), then I need to create mp4 afterward. Been trying for days. Tried other softwares but the result is always the same. It crashes.

      Any ideas out there. I'm desperate.




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      I don't use Premiere but I suspect it will work pretty much like any other NLE in this case. I would assemble all the jpgs on the time line and render to an avi file. Then use HandBrake to convert the avi file to mp4. It's a free utility that is quite robust and very fast. Does a great job with mp4 files.

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      You may be doing too much and the system can't handle it. You may have to do smaller batches. Then turn all the smaller mp4's into a larger one. You may have already tried this but if you go into Premiere. File – Import – (jpg location) click on first photo and then check the box for Image Sequence (may take a little bit, make some coffee or food). That should import photos into a single sequence.

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