Struggling with Showbiz 5 / .tms extension

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      Hi there,


      For quite some hours, I've been busy creating/editing a video in Showbiz 5(.0.1.480). When I was quite content, I wanted to finish the project. But clicking on 'finish' resulted in the program crashing. Luckily I did save the project. But no matter how many times I try, the program keeps crashing when I try to 'finish' or export my project. It is really annoying.


      My project has been saved as a .tms -file, I have tried finding another program to convert it to another extension. But this quest has also been unsuccesful.


      Is there anyone who can advise me on this matter? 


      Is there a way to prevent the program from crashing? Or is there a way to convert a .tms file?


      Thanks in advance!

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