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      So, here’s what I need. I need to use a wifi webcam to automatically take pictures at a certain interval, and then stream those pictures to a webpage.

      Does anyone have any ideas for the best software to use for this?

      Thanks in advance!

      Conner Savoca

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      It’s not hard, and not that expensive – but unless you already have your internet connection setup with a static IP address, you’ll need to setup an account with a provider who will track your connection to the net. If this makes sense, good – if not, then you definitely need to go with a provider – Google brings up plenty – use this one to get you going
      The problem is most internet accounts have what’s called a dynamic IP address. If your broadband drops out, or your computer shuts down because Windows restarted it, then the connection to the internet could be on a different IP address – which makes it difficult for people to reconnect to. You can set up a webcam by people clicking on a link, but that’s not how it usually works with streaming.

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      Thanks for your reply! I have the camera and it came with software to create a private IP address and view it only on login. But do I need to forward the ports to create a public IP address or just work it as an FTP upload from a program that takes the photos?


Viewing 2 reply threads
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