Stock Footage Recommendations?

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      I work for a college and am in search of really good stock footage sites.  It would also be nice if I could have a one-stop shop for royalty free music and photos as part of one subscription as well.

      Any recommendations?

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      I use Pond5 (buy individual clips) and VideoBlocks (subscription based). Since VideoBlocks has unlimited downloads I use it more often, but they don't sell pictures which I use Pond5. Also Pond5 let's you sell you own stock footage. I invited you to see my videos in my artist page.

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      hi, cconline,

      the best one will be, second one and third

      Also there is few completely free stock footage websites:

      for example my:


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      Hi cconline


        I would re-iterate what was said before and say that pond5 is a good overall stock video resource, but you will find a wide range of quality on that site since they let the market decide if a clip is sold rather than have a strict quality team. 


      istock used to be good, but they have gotten really expensive lately (plus, they pay their members a very small percentage of the overall sales).  You may want to check out revostock and shutterstock as well, since they both have really good colllections as well.  


      If you ever do any green screen or chroma key work, check out my site in my signature.  I design and create animated background for chroma key and broadcast productions.  We work with schools all over the world and our stuff is great for learning basic to intermediate skills in chroma key productions.  


      Hope that helps a bit!  


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      Check out this link: Stock Footage Websites

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      Somebody broke into my account and spammed on my behalf. Please accept my apologies. I am going to change my password right now.

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      Though not as big as Pond5 at the moment. I'd recommend giving a try. The footage library has increased over the years and serves as a good alternative to the popular footage libraries out there. All the content is royalty free so its convenient to use.


      Lastly, there's an extensive library of free stock video, so I guess that's worth checking out as well. You can find it here:

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      I would ( obviously ) reccomend for free HD stock video and motion graphics. We are the best free resource currently.


      For music, read this article – it will tell you exatly where to go πŸ™‚




      Good luck! 

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