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      This is a stock footage website that is way cheaper than iStock, Pond 5 and any of the other stock footage websites I have found. They are even giving away some free stuff too.

      Anyone else have any suggestions for super cheap or free stock footage that is actually any good?


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      Keep in mind you get what you pay for. Pond5 lets you set your own price and most clips are in the $40 range which is very resonable.  Another cheap site is that looks like it is better the footage freaks is  But onces again, you get what you pay for. Another good place is Digital Juice's VideoTraxx HD libaries. They are $250 for the libary which isn't cheap but you need to keep in mind you get 500 Video clips which are really good clips. A good chunck of the libary I have used over and over again. 1 HD-1080 clip on istockphoto is over $200 and I would say istockphoto has some of the best clips out there. So $250 for 500 clips that rock is a good deal. In the end it really just depends on what you need to do.

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      Check out – IMO one of the better stock footage websites. They also have other websites for graphics, audio, and more. The prices are reasonable as well. Much cheaper than Pond5.

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      Check out – All clips just $1 each. They’re new so not a huge library yet but the general quality is really good, especially for the price! There’s also some free clips at

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      I'm a contributor to this website: Not a huge footage library yet, but the prices are great! and they have packs. check them out first. Footage packs starting at $25, and footage clips as low as $5

Viewing 4 reply threads
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