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Inspired by devinsupertramp, a Youtuber, and his amazing steadicam operation skills, I threw a small event together so I could film it and practice the technique. Now I'm looking for honest and professional feedback. I would like to improve my cinematography skills so please be as critical as you wish. I used a Glidecam 2000 HD, but if anyone else has a better recommendation, I'm all ears. 

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Loved it!  Great pace, good music!  Just a minor point, but I know the DJ was up on the deck overlooking the event, so if I were editing it I'd put in a quick pan to or from the field to the DJ. just to make him more a part of the event.  I agree with you Devinsupertramp has some amazing videos, and I do love the 'flycam' technique, so much so that I'm looking at getting some kind of camera stabilizer system of my own. 



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Cool stuff but it got old to me pretty fast.  It's the same focal length, the same type shots, same action over and over.  I'd like to see some closeups to get pulled into the action more.


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Also, be aware of your shadows. In a few shots I saw the shadow of you or the camera on the ground or on a person. That's the only thing I noticed.. Other than that, good job! You'll get better at balancing and running with it in time :)


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