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      Hi All,

      I’m new to this site and am looking for some advice for my business plan. I am currently employed full-time at a rep firm that places video advertising on television and online – mostly :30 or :15 commercials designed for local TV and the web. We use a limited list of outside vendors in my area. Since a large portion of our client base are small businesses who cannot afford some of the larger production firms, we regularly use a couple of lone wolf operations who do decent work for an affordable price. This prompted me to go out on my own as a producer – something I’ve always wanted to do.

      I have a degree from a 4 year University in Television/Film Production and 8 years experience in the sales/marketing field for television. However, I haven’t utilized my production background since graduation in 2002. In other words, I write scripts, storyboard, help setup and breakdown (occasionally) BUT I have to start from scratch and re-learn the camera operation and editing software since everything I learned is outdated. This is overwhelming and a little terrifying. There are so many resources and training classes that I’m finding it difficult to choose a path.

      For my business plan, I am estimating completion on roughly 6 projects per month. Not all of my projects will require a shoot but some will.

      I realize the scope of every project is different but can you give me some rough estimation on how long a graphics based commercial takes to edit? Most of the shoots I have been on have been less than 4 hours excluding the projects for larger clients. I am trying to connect the dots for the business plan as I need to be able to forecast profit margins to apply for the loan.

      Also, I need to pick the right training program to help me hit the ground running in about six months.

      Thanks so much for any and all advice!



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      I don’t quite understand your need for a training programme, if you have a degree in TV and Film production? All you are missing is some elements of camera operation and editing. The only difference nowadays is that tape is gone, and you shoot to solid state media, which you stick into the computer. If you are computer literate, this is simply copying and managing files, which presumably you do all the time? Your choice of editor is personal preference. what did you use in 2002? I’m guessing Avid, Premiere or Final cut – they are all still around, in newer versions. Even if you learned on tape, the basic functions are the same. All the current editors have demo versions or cut down cheaper versions to start on. It really is a case of experimenting. All the old techniques you learned still apply.

      Think like a 16 year old. borrow any digital camera, stick some software on your computer and try it out. You will either like it or hate it. Try something else. My wife is computer phobic. She has terrible trouble using word, yet show her a few simple techniques and she can assemble edit – it’s not hard to pick up the essentials. Join a local video club – many of those are quite approachable.

      On your editing question it really varies. If you want simple graphics then its minutes. If you want animated images, then it can be days. One project I did was costed out and worked pretty well I thought – then the client wanted to add a short sequence showing how an industrial washing machine worked. This took four days animating and polishing. So when you say a graphics based commercial – what do you mean? DO you already have experience of producing graphics – maybe you are a photoshop user? If you are, then your editing platform perhaps should also be adobe as they integrate so tightly. So much of what you need depends on detail, which we don’t have.

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      Hi anabel,

      I hope I can help you here. I have a few article on my blog , that once you’ve read will hopefully give you more confidence in the ins and outs of the commercial video production processes and timings. it’s hard to tell exactly what you are setting out to do from your post. But do get in touch with me on my contacts page if i can help you with anything to do with graphics,production set up or animation for commercial projects.


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      Just wondering how it’s going? Mind an update? What are you doing and how/s it working out for you?

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      She popped up, posted and popped off again – another graduate with no clue at all, expecting perhaps to get rich quick. Frankly, I find it very strange a graduate with a degree has such poor knowledge. One of the facts of uni life is that everything takes longer than you think, so she should have known all of this. What a waste of all that funding and student debt.

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