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      Wirlix is a startup located in Silicon Valley looking for eager and passionate individuals that want to status the challenge quo and enlighten a generation to speak and think for themselves in this polarized time.

      Wirlix is a social media debate and news platform revolutionizing the way you see the world and interact with humans around you. We believe the power of social media and technology should be used to truly connect one another and open minds rather than isolate opinions. We are challenging the status quo. We are a platform that produces non-bias and multi-faceted information for the purpose of live discussion, debate, and real world solution creation. We exist to show you the world through real people, real stories and real conversation.

      We are Rebels. We are Strategic. We get Shit Done.

      As a company, we have a strong drive to spread our vision and promote unity through debate and discussion. We are seeking individuals who are passionate, hardworking, share our visions and want to be a part of creating amazing content and rebelling against bias media platforms today.

      Check us out at:

      FB & Instagram: @sparkcontroversy

      Twitter: @officialwirlix

      Position Details:


      Video Editor / Producer

      How much?

      Stock Options in company & complete salary available after full funding.


      NOW, with the potential to continue part/full-time.


      Bay Area. We’re located in Saratoga.

      If Bay Area isn’t an option, we’re open to chatting.


      · Editing bite sized videos (1 – 3 min) that are engaging and interesting

      · Free reign on creativity and style (Produce videos that shed light on global issues that aren’t being discussed enough, portray controversies with no bias and share information in a fair and respectful way that uses authentic creativity rather than hate and slants.


      Provide us with a portfolio of your work (website links, Instagram, Facebook, etc…)
      At least 1+ year of professional / freelance video editing and multimedia design
      1 + Experience with video editing software (Final Cut Pro, Premier Pro, etc…)
      1 + Experience with Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc…)
      Excellent verbal and written communication skills
      Self- Direction & High Productivity: ability to thrive in ambiguity
      Passion for current events and debating
      Team & Collaboration: able to work well with others and is a strong team player
      Highly creative and detail-oriented and ability to work in deadline driven environment.
      Next Steps:

      Submit the following additional items appended to the end of your resume:
      2-3 sentence description of your experience, and what you’re hoping to achieve at Wirlix and how you think you’d fair in a start-up environment.
      5-8 pieces of feedback on our concept and why you are interested in Wirlix
      3-5 crazy video ideas that are in line with our vision and sparking controversy to promote positive change (Can be about anything!)
      Job Type: Full-time

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      Please Email Me at for more information.

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      Please Email Me at for more information.

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      Please email if interested:

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