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      Where can I find something that records audio digitally, is standalone, has an SD card slot, and costs under $300?

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      Zoom H-4N is $270.00 at B&H photo video


      They are great!

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      I have 2  of the older h2's they are great. I use a small mixer with them for VoiceOver recordings. 


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      For around one hundred dollars, the Zoom H1 is a great little digital recorder. Small, simple, easly to operate, built-in stereo mic or mic/line in(mini jack) uses a single AA battery, and at 96khz 24 bit quality, gives excellent audio results!  I sometimes use this instead of my regular wireless mic system because I don't get any RF interference.

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      What I meant was something that, when taken away from power, will never turn what I have a line output plugged into a mic input.  The PA system is turned off and powers everything down that is around the PA system when it is not in use.  The recorder will be around the PA system.  I will be recording two of my congregation's sermons every week and won't want to adjust any electronic setting of any device every time I record a sermon.

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      The Zoom is one of the best for a cheap audio-video combo, although the USB power input can be a bit flimsy if knocked in a live setting.

      The no-longer-manufactured Fostex FR-2le field recorder is wonderful. They go for significantly less than $300 on eBay. The main difference from what you’re seeking is that they don’t accept an SD card. You plug them in for file-transfer via USB. Depends if that’s a deal-breaker. The sound quality is pristine.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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