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      I am working on a commercial video shooting a golf course. I am trying to get flowing footage from the top of a golf cart as I drive around the course.  My problem is that the video is very shaky and mostly unusable because the golf carts are very basic and have no shocks.  I have a sticky pod that I strapped to the top and front, but it still shakes.  Does anyone know of a good stabilizer, DIY or less than $75 that would create smooth shots from the top of a vehicle?  

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      SteadyCam (way above your budget) but not for the top of the cart… on a co pilot or …. walk





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      You could try a suction cup mount then stabilize the footage in post. That's the only way I can think to do it for $75

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      If you search on Youtube for  DIY stabilizer, or DIY steadicam, there's bound to be a video that will help you out. There are plenty of DIY vids on YT, and some are quite good.


      That would be my suggestion, unless you can rent a Glidecam or Steadicam. What kind of camera are you using?

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      suction cup has my vote. otherwise knockoff steadicam with you holding it.

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      If you do your own editing…and if your editing software has a "Warp Stabilizer" effect such as does Adobe After Effects and also Premier Pro CS6. Both do an amazing job of stabilizing footage after it has been shot!!

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