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      I am starting a short film project in my film school, and since I am not expert in editing,and I have to edit it myself, I found myself kinda lost in the pixel ratios.
      I do understand the general differences that TVs use rectangular ones when computers use the square ones, my problems are:
      1- do you choose the pixel ratio while shooting or it happens in post (is it related to the shooting format, HD, HDV,DV…?) or it is just related to editing options;
      2- what is best to chose specially that my short will be projected via a pc mostly, and may be if I'm lucky it might be screened on a tv later on.
      3-does the square pixel work good in TV broadcasting or it ruins the video.
      I am using canon 5D for shooting.
      I hope somone can help me with these questions, thanks alot in advance.
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      Bring your footage into the editing program and exam the size and pixel ratio there.  Match the footage to avoid unessesary scaling and rendering.



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      Good to know that you have shared your doubt, which most of us are facing now. most probably, the pixel ratio will not be imbued while shooting . better go for Nikon SLRs with HD recording. Share your answers with us.


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