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      Hi all,


      me and my brothers really like making videos and editing in AE, FCP, and motion 5, however is there any affordable and fairly easy way to composite cgi into videos.


      Heres are channel, check it out   



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      AE is a great tool for composting cgi, rotoscoping, etc.  Can you be more specific what you are trying to get info on?



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      AvatarPhilip B.

      There is also HitFilm, as an alternative to AE…

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      Hmmm… Not really sure where you are getting at. Do you mean that you are looking for CGI assets to use for your video production?


      I don't know what your budget is but I do recommend checking out MotionElements. They have tons of stock animation in there such as explosiong, fire & smoke for your production. It really depends on what you need.


      If you are in a really tight budget, checkout their free stock footage as you might find what you are looking for there.


      You also mentioned After Effects & Apple Motion templates. They have those too if you need them.


      Hope this helps and the best of luck to your project.

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      I use AE, and i know you can composite cgi in it, but for cgi and animation in general, before composisting, where do i go without spending too much money

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