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      hi  i dont mean to sound dumb here cause am new to this kind of stuff ,


      but am sure i once heard of a lens or filter that is used on tv and in films that dosnt film black objects or dosnt pick up people dressed up in black ? like props people ? 


      is this true ?


      if so what is it called ? 

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      Not that I know, but that would pointless cause you would need a camera that records alpha channels. Look up green screen and how to do it.

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      oh ok because am sure i saw it on tv that some magic people use this kind of lens filter with a camera to proform tricks and they use it it in films to so they dont film the props people ? 

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      I have seen this done but it doesn't involve lenses or filters. You just have to light your actor fairly brightly and make sure a minimum amount of light falls anywhere else. I once did a photo shoot where I experimented with the lighting, using barn doors to keep the light off the background. I could see the background fine, there was still some light falling on it, but the film didn't pick it up and it came out almost black. The technique involves using a black background and having any actors you don't want seen to be completely covered in black (something not shiny). Anything black will come out underexposed and will blend into the background, just don't cross in front of the actor you want to film and you'll be fine. This technique does have it's limitations so green screen might be a better way to go. Hope that helps.



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      A great example of the effect you're describing is the Little Mermaid stage show at Disneyland.  The puppeteers are dressed in all black in fabric with virtually no reflective value.  The backdrop of the stage is of a similar fabric.  By lighting ONLY from the front, your eye is unable to see the puppeteers who cover the stage and only the brightly colored puppets.  No backlight, no side light otherwise the gig is up.  

      The same idea will work on video.  Keep the contrast ratios high and the black will all blend together.  


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      thanks guys 

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