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      Hello guys,

      I have a question I hope one of you can help me answer it. For a specific scene in a horrormovie I need someone being dragged over the floor. like he is already lying on the floor and suddenly an ‘invisible force’ pulls the guy over the floor very briefly. I’ve been searching everywhere on tips and tutorials but I can’t find a solution. one option could be doing it in chroma key but even then how would you guys do that? I know perspective is of great importance and for that I’m free like it does not matter from where i shoot it.

      Any tips would be great, thank you.

      sorry for my bad english πŸ™‚

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      sorry I thought I had the timing marked. the effect I’m talking about takes place at 0:54

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      You could use some green wires to pull the person across the floor, then just chroma key the wires out.

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      Non need for chroma key if the actor is on a floor. Locked off camera, thinnest wire you can find. 3mm steel wire works well – just be careful what you attach it too.

      You use the shot of the empty floor you make sure you shoot before (or after) the actor does their travel. Then simply use the clear floor version as a mask and animate it to cover the wire, finishing at the actor’s body. As the body moves, gradually move the mask, shortening the section that is covering the wire. It’s only a short sequence, so even if it means you tweak a few tricky frames manually, it’s not the end of the world.

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      a ha that right , I did not think about it, I was thinking of making a video for a girl soaring like a person raising …and i don’t know how to make it.. so thanks you so much Dave

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