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      Could you recommend a speaker for the same day editing? I already have projector and screen and would like to add a portable solution for the sound. Thank you!

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      I'm not familiar with the term, " same day editing ".    There are quite a few " powered " speakers on the market, ranging from portable PA speakers to studio monitors.   PA speakers might not have as wide a frequency response as studio monitors . . . . . Size and power required will be determined by the size of your venue.

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      I dont understand why any videographer would want to put this stress on themselves. I shoot with 3 cams and it takes me at least a week to put together a final edited wedding. This is asking for trouble..Who is going to shoot coverage while you are editing? What if your edit looks crappy and any potential guests see it and not the finished version? Makes no sense who ever came up with this idea? Are you going to pay 2 extra shooters to cover the wedding while you're editing in a closet? Are you willing to risk getting the original footage mixed up,lost,deleted?

      Just thinking out loud.

      Next time you go to the doctor for a physical ask him if he will do same day surgery!




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      Okay . . .  now I get it.       This past weekend I was watching a CSPAN, " Book-TV " show. Holy cow! The presentation was covered by three cameras . . . . Three remote-controlled cameras! . . .  and switched ( edited on the fly ) live . . . . apparently by ONE person who was also trying to handle the sound mix. I don't say this can't be done, but I do say it can not be done WELL! ( unless by a three-headed Octopuss ) Even this cluster-f@#* wouldn't cover the intimate action available to a free ranging camera person . . . .   ALWAYS ask yourself: " What izzit I'm really trying to do ? ". The answer should always be skewed toward the client, within budget or practical limits!

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      The reason to do same day editing it to be able to sell recordings to the people attending an event before they get home and forget about it.  Probably not weddings but music festivals or things like that.  I record that kind of events but generally take at least a day do do a 3 hour 2-3 camera shoot so I haven't tried this approach.  Interestingly there is a patent on doing this so if you try it with a big event you may get a letter from a lawyer.

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      Same-day, or even real-time editing is relatively easy–but you need a crew. An operator for each camera, a sound person to work the audio mixer, a CG person for overlays and titles, a recordist to make sure everything gets recorded properly, a technical director to work the video board, and a director. An AD would be good to have, as well. And if your mics aren't fixed, you may need an audio crew for those. It's basically a live-to-tape shoot.As others have noted, anybody who tries to do it as a lone shooter is most certainly asking for trouble.

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      I know of at least one guy in Austin, TX, who mixes the PA in some of the clubs. He runs a CD recorder of the show and sells CD's to the bands after their set. My friend, Emory, got the bright idea of doing the same with a video camera and a DVD recorder. He took an audio feed from the PA guy, locked down the camera, and let the DVD recorder run. Of course, the viewer got bored really quickly with such a static shot. The bands and the club owner didn't want lighting bright enough for a good video image, etc, etc.     The complexity of multiple cameras, multiple mics, etc grows at a geometric rate, not a linear rate with each added device.    Rule of thumb: if it was easy, it would have been done already.

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      I've heard of shooters doing this but there must be some kind of limit to how this gets done. For example, if you were to shoot an evening wedding, is the DVD going to be delivered at midnight?

      Even worse is the company that advertises on Craigslist for videographers that can do in-camera edits and deliver the finished video at the end of the reception. Are they kidding? I could hire my half-in-the-bag uncle to shoot like that and for free – just have to take care of his bar tab!

      If I see their ad again, I'll post the link to their site. 

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