Sound Problems with the Sony HDR FX7

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      I have been getting noise in my audio when I am shooting video with my Sony HDR FX7 Handycam. I purchased an XLR adapter from Sammy’s camera with a gain control and I still get noise in my audio. Is there any way to get clean sound with the Sony HDR FX7 Handycam?

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      What kind of mics have your tried? Even with an XLR adapter you're still using the camera's AGC circuitry so it's a losing battle πŸ™
      You may want to consider getting something like a Zoom recorder and using your camera's audio as a scratch track for lining up the audio from a good portable recorder with manual gain controls.


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      I used a SHURE PG58 mic. I have tried two XLR adapters that were supposed to work well for video cameras and control the AGC. I do have a TASCAM digital recorder but this means more post production work.


      I am going to contact SONY about this. For the money that I paid for this camera, you would assume that the sound would be good some kind of way!

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