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      Hello Guys,


      My problem is a very high noice I am haveing while recording some gameplay on my PC. I used several programs like Sony Vegas to get a grip on it, but nothing seems to work.

      Under the following link you can hear a sample of the noise:

      I noticed that when my PC is under high performance the noice becomes more (maybe it is related to the power suplly which generates a magnetic field and might influence my onboard sound card…)

      I would appreciate every help πŸ™‚

      Thx in advance



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      I'm at my day job and not able to listen to your file at the moment so I'll just take a shot in the dark here. Have you tried using a notch filter? It will allow you to select a narrow frequency band and drop the volume down on only that section of your audio. You may need to experiment until you find the perfect frequency match.


      I recorded a wedding recently and someone in the front row near my audio recorder had hearing aids that kept giving feedback. (I recognized the sound from my father-in-law's hearing aids.) Anyway, the sound was intermittent but I applied a notch filter across the entire file and it fixed the problem with no noticable loss of sound quality because the frequency of the sound was higher than the audio I was interested in (the bride and groom talking.)


      Hope this helps.

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      Hello Dell,


      I have tried different methods to get rid of this frequency (sony vegas) but the problem is, that it changes its frequency continuously, so a notch filter has difficulties to neutralize all frequencies… I think it can be a hardware problem as well, so I tried to plug in my microphone at the back of my computer, but it want detect it there for some reason even though the slot is pink for a microphone, therefore I tried to change the slot with the help of my sound settings but with no avail.




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      Tried to download your file but it's locked.

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      Because of the game sound, it's tough to hear the exact interferance.  Since it's changing frequency, that's REALLY tough and I'd say dang near impossible without a tremendous amount of work.

      Is the sound coming out of your computer clean?
      Are you recording internally or coming out of the sound card to an external recorder?

      To isolate if it's bus or inductance between cards, can you try changing slots with your sound card to see if the problem remains consistant?


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      I was able to solve the problem, which was a hardware problem. Some screws, which connect the motherboard to the computer case were loose and the contact was not there anymore. As I thought at the beginning it had to do with some oscillations from the power supply which interfier with the audio if not connected properly… Thx for the help though, great forum πŸ™‚

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      I forgot they made some changes on the publicity of the files on Rapid Share. It should be accessable now.

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