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      Hi guys, thanks in advance to any help rendered.

      I am a amatuer Video maker so please go easy on me. I do indoor filming of A tabletop game called Flames of war. It is a miniature game and I do reports on battle played between my friends and I and upload them online.
      I currently use a panasonic HC-WX970. I connect a head set to hear whats going on, leave the camera plugged into power and record for roughly an hour each time. I also have either a shotgun rhodes mic, a Lavalier mic, or a twin lavalier mic when i play some games where my opponent will chime in too.
      my lavalier mic
      Dual Lavalier Microphones-MAONO AU200 Lapel Shirt Handsfree Clip-on Battery Powered Mics for DSLR Camera, iPhone, Android, Smartphone, PC, Computer, Laptop, Recorder (236in/20ft)
      My Rhodes mic is without power and is the most basic version.

      I seem to get a very bad hum as well as pick up really soft noises like traffic out the window. I would like to improve the sound and i think the humming is a ground loop. I read up online and thats where i have gotten to after some research. So I have decided to pick up a DI box to get rid of the grounding hum and the see if that helps my audio get better. My current intention is as follows

      To put the 6.5mm adaptor on the lavaliers mics and plug them into the phantom DI box, then get a female XLR to 3.5 mm jack and input it from the DI box into the Camcorder. Would this result in better sound?

      The DI box i got is this,

      If there is a premium or well known way to get great audio indoors, please let me know. I can’t seem to get rid of the hum no matter what i do in premiere.

      Thanks in advance

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    Premiere should allow you to remove a 60 cycle hum without damage to the underlying audio. Try using battery power only on both your camera and your mics. This should eliminate the 60 cycle hum when shooting.

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      jack wolcott’s answer is the simplest approach and if that works it’s also the cheapest solution. I say try that first.

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    If you're just using audio of you, you may want to consider using a quality headset microphone. Something from Sennheiser, Sanken of DPA for example will vastly improve your audio, you will likely have to provide power to it through an adapter. The audio DI box and using a battery should eliminate the ground hum. Good luck.

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