Sound Doesn’t Sync With Video

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      I'm editing on Pinnacle 15. My video camera is JVC Everio CCD GZ-HD30. I have a Dell Inspiron, 3 GB, 32-bit operating system using Windows Vista, all my videos and photos are on a external hard drive. When I edit and playback my video on the computer, it's fine. When I upload to YouTube on any other website, the audio does not sync with the video. Any advice?

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      we need a bit more information . . .

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      I could tell you like 3 scenarios of why this happens. Please give more information, what camera did you use? Frame rate? Did you recorded audio separately? 

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      Oops. I thought I posted the information. I'm using Pinnacle 15 to edit video. It's fine when I playback on the computer, but when I upload on YouTube, the sound is not in sync. This occurs everytime when the video cuts to another scene.


      My Dell Inspiron is 32-bit operating system. Camera is JVC Everio GZ-HD30. Frame rate 29 fps and audio was not recorded separately.

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Possible solutions:


      1. When you exported the video you may have selected a higher frame rate. Check on the export settings if the sequence and the output format have the same framerate.


      2. The video codec (format) could be the issue. If you upload to You Tube is reccomeded to use H.264.


      3. Sometimes a slow Internet connection makes the video appear to be out of sync. The web browsers sometimes freezes and in trying to catch up with the video it makes it look like is out of sync. I found that Firefox usually have this problem while Chrome does not. Check the playback on different browsers and (if you can) on a different computer. 


      4. Lower the resolution of the video on YouTube. If you have a slow connection this will help see the video as it is. If it runs correctly for you then it will for everyone else.


      Hope this helps fix the issue

Viewing 4 reply threads
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