SOS! Need help. Mic gives loud hiss

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    AvatarBrother Dan

    It's probably the mics, especially since both of them do it. You'll probably need to either buy a better mic, and there are lots of options, or you MAY be able to remove some hiss through your editing program, depending on what software you use. Unfortunately, until it's well-captured, your sound will continue to be an issue.

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    I doubt very much if both microphones are faulty – these are not really Audio Technica mics, but an OEM product that is available fairly widely. It's a budget product, but one known for reasonable quality. I think the snag is going to be your camera sticks 5V up the spout of a microphone to power it – fairly common – but these mics have a small battery to power them, and the 5V coming up the audio output cable is not electrically isolated (as it would be in more expensive brands) and is putting a bias current on the output of the preamp. You can test this by using the supplied adaptor and plugging the mic into something else that doesn't have the 'hot' input Sony camcorders like this one have. I'd bet plugged into something else they behave and have a nice noise free output. If you have any friends who are handy with a soldering iron, a small capacitor can provide DC isolation, and let you use the mics. For what it's worth, hiss reduction in your editor is rarely a good solution, as it always dulls the sound.


    Check the mics on something else, then consider getting either a mod done, or using something like a small mixer to get them into the camera – or buy a mic designed to be powered by the DC coming up the cable – like the Sony ones!

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