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      This Sony XDCAM-EX1-HD professional camera is a complete ready to go camera package and includes the following necessary accessories:

      This camera model and format is widely used by independent film makers, documentaries, events, and broadcast outlets like FOX, CNN, History and the Discovery Channel because of it’s high image quality.

      1. Sony XDCAM-EX1 solid state HD camera unit with built in professional Fujinon 14X zoom lens. Mint Condition.
      (list: $7,500.00).

      2. Two large capacity batteries (each with 6 hours or more of continuous operation)
      (list: $600.00).

      3. Four 16 gig and two 8 gig professional SxS express memory cards.
      (list: $800 each).

      4. Two Sony SxS > SDHC card adapters for utilizing standard class 10 SDHC memory cards for long form recording times. (list: $300.00).

      5. External directional professional XLR microphone.
      (list: $350.00).

      6. Kata camera transport-storage case.
      (list: $375.00).

      7. A/V output cables. (list: $75.00).

      8. Sony Professional SxS Card Reader/Writer
      (list: $250.00).

      9. SDHC Card Reader/Writer
      (list: $50.00).

      10. Battery Charger and A/C Adaptor
      (list: $275.00).

      11. Owners Manual.

      List: $12,975.00

      Total cost: $6,550.00

      Joel Brooks

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