Sony X70 – 4K LOWEST bitrate in the industry!

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      About Sony's proposed PXW X70's 4K 60Mbp/s UHD update.
      I did some research on many other 4k UHD camera models on the market under $2,500. I found none of them with a bitrate this low…not even one model. The most common bitrate is 100Mbp/s with a direct competing JVC unit that does 150Mbp/s.
      So, from a purely factual point of view, (not my opinion at all) the Sony PXW X70 at 60Mbp/s statistically provides THE actual lowest bitrate for ANY UHD camcorder in the industry today. In other words, no other manufacturer including Sony is currently using this low of a bitrate. (This includes all "cheap" consumer market models too)
      As a HUGE Sony fan but this is just a simple statistical fact.
      I think the rest of the industry has shown that 100Mbp/s is a basic UHD requirement. Even the tiny Sony Action Cam and the ectremely low cost, enrty level consumer UHD Handycam AX300 have 100Mbp/s. (As well as the X70's sister model, the Handycam AX100
      I really hope Sony will be able to publically announce 100Mbp/s UHD for the XDCAM PXW-X70 in a future upgrade soon. It really is a shame that the X70 will literally sit at the very BOTTOM of the industry camcorder list in 4K (UHD) codec bitrates. 
      Sony, please dont do this to the XDCAM brand name. It's embarassing for a camera like this to be so far below every other 4k camcorder in the industry.
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      If this is this H.265, it might be possible to get "good" Video quality.

      But probably not without some "good" post processing.


      I am using an Odyssey 7Q+ to DownRes A7s 4k to 1080P30 in a 90Mbps MOV file using ProRes LT. The results are better than good (far better than internal recording) with no post processing.


      Does the PXW X70's have clean HDMI output?

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      Even the Sony AX33 can record 4K in 100Mbp/s.
      I was thinking of buying the PWX X70 with 4K option. But maybe not.

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