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      Basically the clips in my Sony Vegas randomly turns from normal to this on random occasions. I have reinstalled Vegas several times and I tried multiple clips. I tried rendering it to see if it wasn't like this afterwards, but it was. I tried the clips in Adobe After Effects and it worked perfectly fine there. I downloaded Sony Vegas onto my brothers computer and it works perfectly fine there as well, but it just won't budge on my own. What might the problem be and how can I fix it?



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      A few things to try come to mind but the first thing I would do is take a very close look at ALL the Vegas settings on your computer and your brother's. See what's different on yours and change it to match.

      Make sure your preview RAM (Options – Prefs – Video – Dynamic RAM preview max) is set to the default of 200.

      You don't say which version of Vegas you're using but make sure your GPU is disabled.

      Set "GPU acceleration of video processing" to “Off” (under Options > Preferences > Video tab),

      If none of the above works, reset Vegas to it's default settings.

      Close the program.  Now press CTRL+SHIFT while double-clicking on the program's icon to launch it.  Continue to hold the CTRL & SHIFT keys until the program is fully up and loaded.

      In newer programs, you will see a window that asks "Do you want to reset all preferences to default values?"  Place a checkmark next to "Delete all cached application data" and then click Yes.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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