Sony Vegas Pro - Can't add effect

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Hi! I have been struggeling to understand what I'm doing wrong in Sony Vegas 13. I'm trying to put an effect on a short video but at first I couldnt do it. It was a simple Defocus effect. I then tried to put the effect on the clip without cutting the video, and for some reason it worked just fine when I did that.

But I want to cut my video, then put on the defocus effect. It's suppose to "blur out" and I used the time line correct, since it worked with the uncut version of the video.

So why can't I use the effect on the cutted version of the video? Any ideas?

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You might try right-mousing over the clip and selecting, "create sub-clip" - then see if you can add the effect to the sub-clip.'s picture
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Based on your description, the first suggestion I have is to close out and reboot. I've used Vegas for more than a decade and am using 12 currently. At times, a function here and there stops working properly and rebooting restores functionality.

Another workaround would be to move the clip to its own track and try adding the effect to the track instead of the clip. But that is a workaround. Ultimately, if it isn't working, something is corrupted. Last resort is to reinstall the software.