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      Hi all,

      I have a problem, you may be able to help me.
      I am on a big project, it’s almost done, but because of a camera being stolen in the middle of the project i have both 25 and 30 fps in my project. Right now i have 4 20-minutes video files, two rendered in 30 fps, and two rendered in 25 fps. The thing is i cannot render them as one and only file because i’ll have to make a choice between 30 fps and 25 fps. All the time i tried to render 25 fps in 30 fps i have very blurry motions, and the other way around is the same. So here are my questions:
      – Is it more clever to try to convert 25 fps to 30 fps or 30 fps to 25 fps? Is one way working better than the other?
      – How to make the render on Sony vegas pro 13 so the image (and mostly the motion) will be as clean as possible? I don’t need it to be perfect, but right now it’s quite ugly.
      – Is there a format that meke things easier? WMV, MP4, MOV…
      – Is there a special function on sony vegas pro 13 to select (or unselect) to help avoid motion blur?

      After one year of editing, noticing that you did something stupid while filming, … not funny!
      Thanks for your help, Paul N.

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      My recommendation is to convert to 25 fps so that Vegas doesn’t have to do any frame interpolation to come up with the missing frames.
      To avoid any potential for “the shakes”, set your project properties to 25fps, right click each and every 30fps event (what Vegas calls a clip) on your timeline, select Properties and click “Disable resample”.
      Then render it to your desired format. I’d use MXF or XAVC as they hold up very well and are easy to edit.
      Try it with one event first to see what you think.
      Good luck.


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      Advice given to me a long time ago when starting out was “everyone makes mistakes but the measure of a professional is how they fix their mistake/s”.

      25fps is the normal PAL system frame rate (Europe etc.) and 30fps is one of the NTSC system frame rates (USA & Japan etc.). I would recommend you select the system frame rate of your country of residence. If your video is for YouTube you can upload in any frame rate.

      I found the following video on YouTube that appears to show how to change frame rate in Sony Vegas. There are other YouTube videos on the same subject.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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