Sony vegas error, cant save project?

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      sooo, whenever i tried to save a project now the error message comes up and when i close and open the file the file disspeares, i can recover the file as a auto saved file but the same thing happens, the error messages comes up and then when i try to open it again the file is gone, i tried to change my version of sony vegas but that diidnt work, , i had sony pro 12.0 (64-bit) now i have 13, ive had sony vegas for years and this never happened but now it keeps happening and i dont know what to do, please help

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    backups and copys of the file’s disspeare too..

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    AvatarKevin Mc

    Will it open and save any other projects? If so, you might have a corrupted project file. You might have to start over if the file cannot be saved.

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    i can open other projects, but with every project i save the error comes up and i can’t save it, then when i try to reopen them it will say ” the item you selected is unavailable, it might of been move, renamed, or removed, do you want to remove it from this list?” and when i try to find the file it’s gone and the backup’s and copy’s will be gone too, i can open the auto saved version’s of the projects but I can’t save those too and they end up disspeareing too.

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    just want to update, i think i fixed the problem, i deleted a malware program and now its saving fine

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    AvatarKevin Mc

    Good to hear!

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