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      I just recently noticed the audio within Vegas goes to zero right at the end of a song. You can see in the clip that the audio meter at the right goes to zero for about a second before the song ends. It does this between every song although I only showed two in the video. I tried using different flac and mp3 files and i also tried old vegas projects and I still had the same issue. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Vegas with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here’s a link showing the problem:

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      Any time that you do a split Vegas automatically does a very fast audio fade out of the first event (what Vegas calls a clip) and in on the next one. The default length is 10 msec. This is done to avoid popping sounds at the split point.
      It appears that you’re editing pictures to a music track so here are two solutions to your problem.
      #1 is to continue as you are and then delete and add the music track back again. This way it will be seamless.
      #2 is to click on the video event first before cutting it. This way, only the video will be affected, not the underlying audio.
      If the audio was a part of the original video clip, then both would be split but that doesn’t appear to be the case here.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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