Sony Vegas 12 Pan/Zoom Problems

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      Okay, so I take part in MAPS/MEPS on youtube for fun. In a part I’ve been working on I’m trying to simply slide an image across the screen. It comes in fast, moves a bit slowly when it gets to a certain point, then quickly continues off screen. However, for some reason, the image squashes as it moves on/off screen and I cannot get it to work properly.
      Here’s a quick recording of what it’s doing.

      Maintain Aspect Ratio is set to “No”
      Stretch to fill is set to “Yes”

      If I reverse that, then the images are cut off at the edges. Please help πŸ™

      Sony Vegas 12 (367 Build) 64 bit

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      Try using Track Motion rather than Pan/Crop to move the image. Key frame to control the rate of motion.

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      AvatarKevin Mc

      In addition to what Jack said – start off in pan & crop, right click on the image/area and set aspect ratio to match the output ratio. This should prevent the images from getting cut off or squished around the edges.

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