Sony Teleconverter for Panasonic HPX250

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      I have a friend whos has a Sony 1.7 teleconverter which he has used with a Sony HDV camcorder. Now I wonder if it would be possible to use it on my HPX250 with good result. The size of the Panasonic lens ifts the mount of the Sony lens.

      Kindly, Bjorn

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      I use wide and teleconveters on my cameras, If the screw threads fit the converter should to.

      there is not much difference in the main lens designs to make cross over converters more or less effective. Just make sure you are using a quality (HD vs SD) that matches your glass.

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      Thanks for your support!

      I'm sorry to report I was wrong. When I got the converter it has a bayonnet mount, so now I'm trying to find out if there is a stepping ring from my camera's 72 mm filter thread to this bayonnet. I do hope there is one because I can buy the converter for half the original price, and it is a Century Optics lens that cost about 900 pounds!


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