Sony PTZ camera with BRBK-HSD2 card to ATEM TVs

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      Just set up a Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio for our church television production. We have two panasonic cameras which we output with HDMI, through an HDMI to SDI converter and to the ATEM via SDI cable. Those two cameras were plug and play and look great! The third, we had a Sony PTZ camera (BRC-Z330) which we installed the HD output card BRBK-HSD2 and ran SDI to ATEM. No picture. There are only Three switch settings on that card: HD – Off – SD. I have it set to HD. There are dip switches on the bottom of the camera to set output. I set Sw1 off (59.94) and sw2 is off (1080i). It is matching my ATEM settings and still no picture.

      The camera was working fine and transmitting an SD signal over the same SDI cable last week, so I know camera and cable are good. HD output card is new.

      I'm at a loss as to how to trouble shoot this. I don't know if the card is the problem, or the ATEM isn't liking the signal or what. I do not have a monitor that accepts SDI HD signal directly so I can't test it that way.

      Anyone have any experience with this that can tell me if I am missing a switch or setting or something?

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