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SONY NEX-VG10 and Mac

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    I recently purchased the Sony NEX-VG10 and am really excited about it.  i have run into some serious problems capturing the footage, though.  I have a 2010 iMac, am running OSX 10.8.2  Mountain Lion and use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to edit.  I've discovered that the files on the camera are .MTS, a file format with which I am unfamiliar (not surprising, I'm not exactly a newb, but the past few months is the first time I've started editing seriously – I am more a writer/director/producer and could do basic stuff with FC7 and Prem Pro – now I own my own production company and am getting down to the nitty gritty).  But I have found that
    1. I can't capture using bridge, it doesn't recognize the file format.
    2. When I plug the camera into the computer and go straight to the files, I don't even get individual files.  All the information is contained in what looks like a Quicktime movie, but isn't recognized by Quicktime or any other program as anything.
    3.  When I go into the camera files using the import function in Premiere Pro, I find the individual .MTS files – which say they are Unix Executable files (no idea what that means), I can import them into PP, but the quality is atrocious.  Grainy and pixely.  Even when viewing them in full res playback mode.
    4. I bought Bigasoft Total Video converter (wicked cool program).  I import the files using PP, then go find them in this program, and convert them into .mov files – the quality is still atrocious (not surprised, as the .mts files look cruddy, what could I expect when I converted them – but was worth a try).
    I need to capture these files in full quality (oh – the file information says they are in 1920 x 1080 (1.0), so it's not like I filmed in a low res.  
    The software that came with the camera is for PCs, I've searched for answers to these problems, and although I've found similar, I can't find anything that actually helps me.  Can anyone out there tell me exactly what to do?!?  I would be most appreciative.  My new company's success depends on it!

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    I'm not familiar with Pemiere. I'm a pc guy running Sony Vegas.  But I did see that there is a firmware update for the VG 10 that is for the Mac. Also on the support site is software for Mac that I think lets you capture/convert. 



    hope this helps

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    MTS file are part of the mpg2 group  I think Handbrake a video format changer is available for mac

    You might look into this. My version of Vegas Pro wont play Quiketime files because I dont put Quike time on my editing computer, I use a freee video converting soft ware (Quike Media converter from Cocoonsoftware but it is a windows only software but it lest me convert .mov file to 

    something I can work with or convert MPG2 file to quik time file to supply the people I know who use macs

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    I would check with Sony. Their website probably has support that can help you. 



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    I have three of those cameras and a MacPro intel. I've tried iSkysoft and another free one from square5 to convert into .mov file format but there still h264 which Final Cut doesn't playback well so then I would use compressor to make ProRes HQ files but compressor was doing some funny things to the converted files, sikpping frames, freezing frames that kind of stuff. Then I realized my Toast 10 software has a converter so now I just plug in the camera, drag and drop the files into Toast and convert the MTS files to ProRes 422HQ in one step right out of the cameras. I don't think Sony likes to be compatible with Macs.

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