Sony NEX 7 vs Canon 700D/T5i

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      How does the video from the Sony NEX 7 compare to that of the Canon T5i/700D? I am looking to buy a camera specifically for video, it needs to have a large sensor, mic input, and autofocus for those times where I cant manually focus.


      The Sony NEX 7 seems like a match for the 700D as it too has an APS-C sensor, mic input, autofocus, and full manual control over video, all in a much more compact body. I havent seen many videographers use the NEX 7 and I was wondering why? The Sony also has a newwer sensor (kind-of, if like me you dont count the "new" hybrid CMOS sensor on the 700D which seems identical to the past rebels from 2009 besides the dedicated auto focus pixels), it can record 1080p video at 60fps where as the 700D cant, and it has more autofocus points.


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      Hi Horia – few people use the $948 NEX-7 for video because of its susceptibility to moire (see the shimmering blue moire on the brickwork in this side-by-side with the Panasonic GH2):



      Canons are almost as bad. Here is the 60D side-by-side with the GH2:






      If you want a camera optimized for video with little or no moire, a large sensor, a mic input, and silent autofocus, you want a $1249 Panasonic GH3 or $750 G6.


      If you don't mind noisy autofocus motors, the $697 Nikon D5200 is moire-free as well (arguably better than the GH3):



      Hope this is helpful!



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      The Sony NEX-7 comes with a 18-55mm lens that produces great pictures.

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