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      .  Roughly two years now with using both the 2011-12 editions of the Sony s/w.  Still not able to capture.  The s/w is able to recognize the camcorder, however never able to capture.  I have been round and round with Sony about this issue and still no resolve.  It seems to me that this forum would be a excellent place to learn and would certainly consider enrolling in the plus program. I also have used Nero s/w but am not too pleased with its final production.  Any or all help with this ever pressing issue would be greatly appreciated.

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      I believer there are a lot of sony pro users here and I believe it operates the same. What are you trying to capture from (camera model) as well as the steps you are using. FireWire or USB?

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      You dont have to use the capture tool, if you cam uses sd cards for storage, just go into the camcorder from my computer and find the file you want, highlite and copy the files and go into your video file on your computer, and paste, when you open ths sony software, click the file icon at the top left, and navigate to the video files, high lite the ones you want to use and send to your timeline

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      it depends on the camera.  I shoot the Sony vg20.  The capture tool stitches long files into one file where as if you take the file off thru windows it will not do that It breaks them up. 

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      Thank you for your prompt reply. I am attempting to capture via Fire Wire. I have followed all the indicated instructions from both the manual, as well as the Sony techs that I have dealt with.  I even had the camera sent back to Sony to insure there were no problems with such.  Last year I was using Sony Vegas Platinum 11HD, and also tried the 12 updated version the latest build. As I mentioned earlier the s/w identifies the camera properly, however once I follow through the steps and attempt to capture, the camera led gives me this error.  (No input image VCR HDV? DV Change FORMAT)

      O/S window 7 pro 8 gig of ram., again Sony HDR FX7. 

      This remains so puzzling to me, it SO bizzar that Sony camera and Sony S/w are not gelling. 

      Any further help with this dilemma will greatly appreciated.  Thanks Again.



















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      Wally. I also have an FX7.  I will throw out a couple of quick thoughts and see if they help.   I believe I have seen this error in the past also.   If these don't help I'll try and run a test later I'm getting ready to leave in just a few.   I don't think sony has made an update to the capture software since 9 or 10. 


      You may have already tried some of these. 


      Switch to DV capture and see what happens. Then switch back to HDV.   Do you have multiple fire wire ports?  Try a different one.   Also see if there is an updated driver for your FireWire.  


      Do you have another FireWire cable try that.  I haven't looked in awhile but there are some down convert settings on the camera check those settings as well. 


      Let me know how it turns out. 

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      Thanks for the reply.  I just did a lenghty chat with Sony relative to my ongoing issue and they advised to speak with the Sony Vegas people.  Yes, I have attempted ALL of your suggestions with no luck.  Concerning the fire wire (drivers) I really wasn't aware of the driver issue, however the camera is recognized in control panel as well as the Sony s/w.  I am in the midst of checking on the newest s/w Sony Vegas has to offer.  I would also like to mention all of the attempts that I have made with the s/w have all be trial versions, so I'm not out any bucks.  I just may attempt another trial. I'll let you know how that goes later.

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      I would agree with talking to the Vegas people also.  They are fairly accessible.   They do have an extensive support forum at the Sony creative site and itis searchable  you may want to check there. 


      Here is the link for a place to start.


      here is some text from a post that may help. 


      "But, before you get too discouraged, have you gone to your Device Manager and set your FireWire driver to Legacy? That often fixes everything in Windows 7."

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      I have eyeballed the device manager (fire wire) properties and didn't see Legacy option.  Would you mind explain a little better.  It's getting a little late, hopefully I'll check back tommorow at which time I'll give the platinum s/w another go.  Thanks again

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      Check this thread. It may be helpful. Especially the last couple of posts about the camera. That is the problem I had. 


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      Change firewire driver to 'legacy'
      •Go to Device Manager and click on IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers
      •Click on the device listed underneath this heading. In my case it was NEC 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller
      •Right click this device and select 'update driver software' from the shortcut menu
      •Then select the option 'browse my computer for driver software'
      •Then select the option 'let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'
      •This then gave me three drivers to pick from (make sure the'show compatible hardware' checkbox is ticked
      •Select the driver named '1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller (Legacy)'
      •Install driver.



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      I followed all of your instructions to the T.  The description of my fire wire is the same as what you had, and its listed as Texas Instrument 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller.  There no other options.

      I don't know if I mentioned about the s/w.  I was working with a trial version, and I wasn't able to download again.  I damn sure won't put out the bucks for it realizing what I've already encountered with the capture issue.  So I am going to see whatever evolves from my forum visits.

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