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      i use this camera to shoot weddings and i mount a wireless mic system to it and run it into the second channel , hit record and go. after recording for say a solid half hour, i end up with three 10 minute clips. the video runs seemlessly into the next clip as it should but the audio cuts out for a full second, enevitably when the minister is in mid-sentence. i edit in premier pro cs6 and have gone the camera settings with a fine tooth comb. why is my audio cutting out?

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      I have a Sony nex vg20. If I take the video straight off of the memory it is broken up. To get it all in one piece I either have to iimport it thru Vegas or use the software I got with the camera to get it all in one piece.  You may need to imprt your video with the Sony software that came with your camera or is  downloadable  at the sony support forum to solve  your problem. 

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      If you import the whole AVCHD file folder into premiere it will join the parts together seamless. I set up a folder as the main and then a folder for each camera "card" in the project to keep things in order.


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