SONY HXR-MC2000E crazy problem!

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      Hello guys
      I am new to Videomaker, thought i could find an answer here.
      I have bought a HXR-MC2000E 3 months ago for wedding/etc professional shooting.
      I started using it immediately, and have recorded around 10 weddings till now so last week i started to import them in Premiere pro CS6 for editing.
      (please note that i do the recording directly on the internal memory and then moving it to my computers hard drive)
      What i noticed is that on long takes of 10+ minutes (normally during the wedding dancing time) when the camera is on the tripod, in Premiere sequence i find those video clips losing sound and frame for 1 second every 10-15 minutes!!! 
      Like it has been cut automatically by the camera during shooting, but it disables sound for 1 second and losing 1-3 frames.
      I have tried to find some answers everywhere in the web with no luck.
      Could that be because the product is defected in some way?
      Could it be because of a buffer issue?
      Could it be a setting that i miss to see?
      Please help me out here i am going insane!
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      How are you importing to the computer? Try the Sony Content Management Utility or copy the whole folder over. Files get capped at 2gb but the utility will stitch them together without dropping frames.

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      I agree 100% with woody. You have to use the Sony content management software to get the clips in full size. I have a Sony AX2000 and use the Sony content software to import and CS5 for editing.

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      very very nice piece of information you give me here, and thank you very much.

      I will download the utility and do so from now on.


      But what about the clips that i already have transferred to my HDD?

      Can i stitch them together with this utility or some other utility?

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      "But what about the clips that i already have transferred to my HDD?

      Can i stitch them together with this utility or some other utility?"


      The problem when you just copy the file over is that you do not copy all the data required for that. Now if you copied the folder then that information would be there. You could try getting them into the CMU but I'm not sure its going to work.

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