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      I have a problem. I have a sony HVR-Hd 1000 and I tried to record Hdv video.. but the i link converter was squeeze. Now when I try to capture the video in to computer the tape doesnt show any thing even in camera.. what should I do. this is very inportant to me because is a wedding. and it was my first time recording on HDV.. Please Help

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      if you are lucky – it will be a problem with the camera  – try another camera  –  see if the problem is the tape or the player ( hope that the problem is the camera's ability to play the tape)


      if there is nothing on the tape  – that is sad


      you will have to try to find people who were at the wedding who shot either professionally or with the phones – still photos – whatever you can possible recover to try to salvage something


       a proper wedding camera would have a 2nd memory writting a digital back-up  – or – a second /  third shooter – and continiously runnng 'security' cams –  you should never depend upon one camera   


      hopefully    —  the tape has the event and you dodged a bullet   — but i'd return that camera and get one that has backup built-in  – as this one is not suitable – and if Sony markets it as a proper event camera – they mis-represented it  – sorry for the stress it caused – you are inexperienced –  but whoever sold it to you should have known better   —   and I even wonder if the reviews of the camera ever mentioned dual-data writting and instant review functions    



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