sony HDR XR 500 camcorder stereo mic input uses

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      I have a SONY HDR XR 500 camcorder.
      I am not sure if it is a consumer cam, a professional cam, or “other cam” as these are all listed as different forum types, in this site.
      What type of cam is mine?

      On my cam. i see there is a stereo input for a mic. I am wondering if i can plug the line-out from a mixing board output into this cam mic input for great sound while recording bands.

      I saw another thread on the same topic about mic plugs and mixers but i am wondering if i can have an answer for the HDR XR 500.

      In the link below, there is one cable in the photo of various XR 500 accessories which i think could be for this purpose. The cable shown and the bottom of the photo has an 1/8 ” jack attached to cannon plug.
      Maybe some one who is more familiar with this subject can check it out and let me know.

      Someone in the other thread mentioned a filter or an adapter that could allow a mixer line- out or output to go into a cam mic input
      Can i get a specific filter (or do i need one) for the XR 500 that allows me to plug the line-out of a mixer to this camcorder mic input?
      Thanks for any help


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      It’s a consumer level camera. As such, it almost certainly won’t take a line-level feed. Mic level only. If it were my camera I would not chance connecting it to a sound board; if for any reason the mic level output is too loud for the camera’s circuitry it may well destroy the audio circuits.
      You might be able to use in-line attenuation, but without a thorough understanding of the camera’s innards there’s no way of knowing how much attenuation to use.

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      Thanks, Jack,

      Would you know about the in-line attenuation you speak for my Sony cam model.
      Apparently this ” SONY HDR-XR500 ” model was bought in Brazil from what i understand. Meaning it was not available in North America.

      Wasn’t there a discussion about some sort of filter or adapter or something that could allow a line out to be fed into this mic in?
      In the link i showed, did you see it?…what is that plug / cable for which i mentioned in my first post? Could that be some sore of thing that would allow the connection, no?
      It’s a 1/8 plug attached to a cable with a cannon at the other end. What would that be for…is that some sort of video plug?


Viewing 2 reply threads
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