Sony HDR-CX560 w external mike

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      I want to shoot simple videos of me playing guitar while singing for youtube.

      One Mic for vocal and guitar.

      You see very good quality videos that people even shoot with their phones. and the audio is decent.

      I’ve read you should always use an external mike. With the 560 there is an external input with only hi and lo record settings.

      My external mic is an electro voice RE11(not really a camcorder mic) but a great mic. which doesn’t use phantom power….have used it with an old Panasonic super VHS camcorder (the reporter) with really good results. Its a good mic for talking or recording music.

      In my tests so far I don’t hear much difference between that mic and the camera mic.

      There are only two audio record settings so would the low one be better since I’ll need to sing right into the mic so my voice isn’t louder than the guitar.

      Also I have it set to 2 channel stereo..but the mike is mono. The mic seems to be recording in mono which is good.

      Is it the wrong external Mic or are the mics on the sony camera pretty good for audio? Or if the external mic sounds good just use it?

      Thanks for any input!

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