sony fdr ax700 camcorder vs sony alpha iii mirrorless

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      i know i'm comparing apples to oranges and that there's at least a 1,000 dollar difference in price if you include a basic zoom on the alpha, but…i am confused abou the pros/cons between the two formats IF one is primarily focused on video. seems like most of the pros are on the side of mirrorless –much larger sensor for DOF, (full vs 1 inch), five-axis IBIS vs standard, larger focusing area (93 vs 82 percent) with more phase detection points in Aiii as well. the only pros to the camcorder (and they might be big ones) — easier and longer zoom, easier controls and larger touch screen, and better ergonomics (i like the camcorder form better). thoughts? 

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      I'm guessing you mean the A7iii.

      The big advantages of the AX700 are the lower price point, longer record times, easier controls, power zoom that can go up to 18x in 4k with Clear Image and 192x with Digital (Dont use), and ND filters. Also, if you are not recording a ton of floating head videos, the deeper DoF is going to be a blessing.

      But you're right, the A7iii is a great camera and shoots great video. Its part of the reason why so many people now shoot videos with DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras. However, I will say that the pros/cons start evening out when you get to the $2500 range and get into the Prosumer Camcorders which have better codecs, better sound capture, physical controls for focus, apeture, and zoom, etc.

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      thanks for the reply. the vixia gx10 has everything I'd like but we are now looking at a bulkier, half-pound extra item with debatable image quality (surprising to me given its pedigree). not sure it's worth the $500 premium over the ax700. hmmm. 

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