Sony FDR-AX53 Exposure Compensation

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      Greetings. Hopefully the helpful people here can give me some quick advice on this issue that I have not found elsewhere.

      I shoot this camera at 4K 30FPS at 100Mbps. It has given me great results on auto (I know….auto??!) but I am shooting still images at the same time and the video needs to just run without me being by it.

      Recently I shot a very bright stage (not just spots, it was all bright) and I had blown out highlights on subjects. I just want to use something like exposure comp like on my still camera while still being in auto mode on the Sony.

      I have done the research and this camera does not go totally manual. “Exposure” plays with ISO, shutter and F-stop as it sees fit. Iris fixes F-stop but plays with ISO and shutter speed. Further, I can’t go even semi-manual, can’t babysit the camera.

      Although a post by Sony elsewhere implied AE adjust only worked in Iris or Exposure mode, I found it is active in Auto mode also.

      Is this the right approach for my needs? Leave the camera on auto but use AE shift to make the image slightly darker? Hopefully this won’t make my shutter speed crazy?

      My issue with “exposure” is that it takes exposure off auto and will fix exposure at whatever setting I put it at. I mean it does not even start with where auto was. I want the exposure to float if needed….but to keep everything a bit darker.

      Further, I am concerned with using the exposure or iris setting as I have no control over ISO or shutter speed. I have smooth clean video right now…I don’t want to mess that up in order to make the image just a bit darker.

      I have been very happy with the results of this camera for the purpose that I need it for. Would love it if someone familiar with it could confirm my plan here as I need to hit the same stage in a few days.

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