Sony FDR-AX33 vs Canon Hf G30

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      I hope you can help me to make up my mind.
      I can’t decide which camera to get
      Sony FDR-AX33 or Canon HF G30

      Sony FDR-AX33 is 4K, but G30 is FULL HD

      I don’t really need a 4k camera just yet, but……
      I heard that shooting in 4k and exporting in Full HD will give me a better quality than shooting in FULL HD.

      Do you think the video will look better if shot with Sony FDR-AX33 in 4k and exported in Full HD than the video shot with Canon HF G30?

      What Is important for me.

      Good low light performance
      Fast auto focus
      Good quality video

      Canon HF G40 just came out, so G30 should drop in price soon.
      So G30 will soon cost the same as Sony FDR-AX33 (I hope)
      So, not looking at the price difference, would you advise me to go for Canon G30 or Sony FDR-AX33?


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      Hello Denny85!

      I know it’s tough to decide which ever camera to get but of course you need to consider things that camera has to have. Let me ask first, where are you planning to use the camera? Is it for indoor filming? For sports or action?
      I am currently studying film making and I also experienced hard time on which camera I need to buy before. Until, I was able to decide that I should get Sony FDR AX100. It’s a bit expensive but quality wise, it is best for me. You might want to consider checking other video camera options as I found mine at You’ll also get best tips on how to and what camera to buy. Good luck on choosing!

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      Thank You for the answer.
      I am planning to shoot indoors.
      Since I posted, the Canon G30 has dropped in price.
      I think It’s the best option for me.

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