Sony EX1 In The House…or the NX5?

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      I’m starting my own videography business that will produce short videos for websites and blogs. I’m a Sony fanboy since my college primarily used them. I wanted to get either the Sony EX1 or NX5 (depending on my budget)

      I was wondering if anyone out there has used the Sony EX1 or NX5
      Do you think if I get the NX5 ill be losing out on too much from the EX1?

      Not sure if these are overkill for web video, I enjoy using professional camcorders over dslr

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      Hi slynch1 – Yes, a pro camcorder is a little bit of overkill for web video, but it's a good idea to invest in equipment that can grow with your business and won't be obsolete in a couple of years.  

      For that reason, you should probably avoid both the old EX1 and the newer NX70.  Both are 1080p 1/3" chip cameras in what's becoming a 4K 1" chip world.

      Looking at trends in the industry, 1080p is about to go the way of 720p and SD –  making $2000 1080p cameras a poor investment. 

      If you want to stick with Sony, I recommend the brand new $2299 PXW-X70.  This camera will be upgradable to 4K (UHD) with a firmware upgrade soon after release (this is 4 times the resolution of a 1080p camera).  It has Sony's new 1" sensor (8 times the area of a traditional camcorder's 1/3" sensor).  This will give you much more control over depth of field than you can get from a small sensor camcorder.


      Here is an example of what this camera can do (from Sony):



      Hope this is helpful!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      There is a long argument to be argued over 1080p vs 4k. But that's not what you're asking here.


      You want to know what camera you should go with, and really, it's a choice you need to make. I'm sure you've already scoured the specs online, weighed the pros and cons of each for the money and come up with the conclussion that they're both quite nice for the money you're going to pay for them. But a second opinion is always nice to have.


      So consider this before you spend the money – how much are you going to make off these cameras? Will they pay for themselves? Does that matter? Are you going to make more by going with the more expensive camera? You might. You might not.


      How much more are you going to enjoy using one over the other? As a guy who used to lug giant news cameras, I can appreciate a lot of knobs and switches on the outside of a camera as opposed to buried in touch screen menues.


      Remember that most clients don't know a sony from a canon, let alone an EX1 from an NX5U. I had people fawning over my Canon XL-1 while the little Vixia sitting next to it (which shot better video, and in HD) went unnoticed.


      Then consider where the videos are going to be shown. Are they going up in theaters equipped with 4k projectors? Or are they going to be shown on 15" laptops – or worse – 3" smart phones? I've seen more than a few XA10s and XA20s being used in the field by professional news agencies because they know their stuff is watched on the small screen.


      Think of your own viewing habits. Do you jump on youtube and click 1080 and maximize every video that pops up on your screen? If you're like most people, that answer is probably not.


      Here's the part you've been wating for, though. If it were my money, I'd buy the NX5U, and put the savings into audio equipment, lighting, etc. (Get yourself a REALLY nice tripod. It'll last forever.)


      And if you decide 4k's your thing, the PXW-X70 is worth a look. But don't fall for the 1" sensor illusion. It's actual dimensions are 13.2mm x 8.8mm according to the Sony website.


      Whatever you decide, just shoot great stories using the best production practices at your disposal. Edit cleanly, color correct in post. I'm sure they'll turn out great.

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      I solved this very problem by buying a Sony NEX 3 for HD and Sony's AX100 for 4K for about 5K total.   I have been in he business or decades and this solution brought tte NX 5 question up to date and the AX 100 set the path to the future.    

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      Birtingur Roan

      I've been using the NX5 for the last four years with great results. The AVCHD codec works as a charm given that you are correctly exposed. The codec does not hold together to good for heavy post production corrections. I'm primarily shooting horse competitions so the 20x zoom comes in handy.

      Zoomed in fast moving horses benefit from 3x 1/3 inch sensors and the lack of shallow depth making it easy to use auto focus and avoiding the artifacts of rolling shutter under these conditions.

      Under certain difficult shoting situations I attach my Ninja2 recorder and get 422 10bit 185 Mbits (the NX5 has a clean HDMI 10 bit output)) and boom you get that extra latitude for doing some grading etc.  The NX5 has a cracking lens and very good color reproduction. Remember even if you are shooting for the web a better camera will always give better footage quality at a given bitrate. For close the same money as the NX5 I would consider buying the PXW-X160 instead, same sensors, a cracking 25x optical zoom, XAVC intra 100mbits 422 10bit as well as XDCAM 422 50mbits 8bit.

      The only downside for this camera is more expensive media. This is the camera I will chose myself as a replacement for my NX5. If the next exchange for the PMW-200 though will be XAVC 200mbits 1080p 60fps alongside with the broadcast standard XDCAM  422 50mbits and at least a 16x optical zoom and listen now SONY,  GLOBAL SHUTTER.  Then I would be a happy camper and will certainly hand in that extra money to get my hands on one. Note that Youtube is now broadcasing 1080p at 60fps at fairly high bit rates that helps you broadcasting smoth movements of fast moving objects.

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