Sony DSR11 automatically stops, rewinds and restarts

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      Hi friends! I have a ton of videos in different formats to transfer digitally and am starting to get my equipment together. I know that successful result is not only about technical stuff but also about knowledge and experience. It would be of great value for me if anyone that might have run into the current problems I have would share ideas about how it could be fixed or rounded.
      I have two problems of a similar kind and therefore put them into two separarate threads.

      My Sony DSR11 player automatically stops and rewind upon scene changes where there are some noise between the scenes. This means that I need to monitor the transfer constantly having a finger on the Play button, pressing it quick for the tape to continue if it stops. There are no “stop on dropped frames” or other similar software parameters enabled in Scenalyzer. After being rewound, the player automatically restarts the tape and this could go into a never ending loop.
      I would like the DSR11 to play the full tape without any stops until the tape end. Also I’d like the DSR11 not to restart automatically, only after pressing the Play button.

      I have Googled these problems but can’t find anything explaining how to fix or make a workaround to these problems. Any ideas?

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