Sony Digital Handycam Mini DV Edit Question?

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      Hi All

      I am new to this so apologies if this a stupid question for most of you.

      I have a load of old Sony mini DV tapes I would like to transfer to a DVD or flash drive to protect – after editing with Final Cut Pro X. What I would like some help with is how I capturer/transfer onto my MAC at what resolution as I have some transfer software which transfers fine which I bought from EBAY (Video2MAC). I have them tried to edit into a final production as per usual on the MAC with FCP but the file when sent to a flash drive refuses to play?

      So I am assuming I have not got the resolution or the final format (H.264 & MOV I have tried with no success) correct? Usually these work faultlessly on my Pansonic DVD Recorder. Any help/ideas would be appreciated?

      Thanks Rich

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      Do these files play on your Mac? If so, the problem probably lies with the flash drive. In my experience many flash drives do not pass data rapidly enough for video to play directly from the flash drive. As a test, try downloading the material on the flash drive back to your computer and see if it plays o.k. from the internal drive.

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      I have to wonder why you didn’t get a FireWire card installed in your computer and hooked your Mini-DV Camcorder up by FireWire, as Mini DV camcorders have FireWire ports for digital transfer, rather than taking an analog  composite or S-Video out?  Plus going to H.264 and then trying to edit is not the best as H.264 is highly compressed, vs DV-MOV which you would get from the Camcorder.


      also from what I see online the reviews are not favourable for that converter.  Or your other option would be to get someone like myself that already does transfers to get your tapes onto Hard Drive.

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      If you have a mac with the 800 connector, you can go into this direct from a standard firewire with the right connector. Works with no issues, and then you also have a file your mac is happy with to edit or do what you fancy – mine is happy producing any of the standard formats this way.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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